Microblading is basically the same principle as Semi-Permanent Makeup. Introduction of colored pigments under the skin in order to enhance and improve the shape of the eyebrows, or to fill out sparse brows doesn’t exist for different reasons (alopecia, thinning, bad epilation, etc., etc.)

It lasts for a limited time (1 year – 2 years) since bio-absorbable pigments are used. Compared to the traditional method of SemiPermanent Makeup (with the machine), a pencil with a blade with many micro needles is used, which trace the microincisions that introduce the pigment under the skin. The result is fantastic, very natural looking, so much so that you almost forget having undergone a SemiPermanent makeup treatment.

By decrypting the word MICROBLADING (BLADE) from the English language it can be seen: Micro = Micro; Blading = Blade, blade-shaped tool with many micro blades, this is the tool or device for making the so-called “eyebrow tattoo”. The technique of Microblading is much more difficult than the traditional one (machine), so it is important to call someone who has had undergone specific / professional courses and has already had working experience with this kind of technique.

Ultra-realistic eyebrows (Microblading) is specially recommended for anyone who wants to have a totally naturally looking eyebrows. The shape, color and intensity are chosen according to your facial  characteristics.

In the following cases, you’re advised not to undergo this procedure:
Pregnancy, Tumors, Treatment with Chemotherapy, Mental Disorders, Insulin-dependent Diabetes, Serious Somatic Diseases, Acute Inflammation in Progress, Epilepsy, Reduced Blood Coagulation and Related Diseases, Alcohol Intake Before Treatment.