This book is a great read for those who are curious about Eyelash extensions, beginners, and or those who already have pursued a career in Eyelash extensions training. Also this book can be used as a guide to freshen up on your skills along with some great information. This book also gives good insights on where eyelash extensions originated from and how to apply them.
I’m going to share some secrets on eyelash extensions and those who wear them.
After I did all my research I found out the in and outs of the eyelash extension world.
So much too learn and continued learning. Tricks and hacks and much more. The further along in your lash career the more information you acquire.
In the beauty industry, Eyelash extensions are a revolutionary way to long gorgeous, elongated eyelashes that look naturally, flawless, and weightless.
Although reading this book will give you some good information you still need to seek proper and professional training in order to successfully apply eyelash extensions and become an eyelash extension technician.

In addition to my first book, Micromi Brows Microblading Training Manual. Goes in depth on what Microblading actually is and its origins. The term Microblading means semi- permanent tattoo deposits that mimics hair like strokes for a more natural looking eyebrow. This has come along way compared to the outdated traditional tattooed eyebrows. Eyebrow trends come and go, the good thing about this it last 1-3 years time, So this means if another brow trend pops up, You can start with a fresh slat every 1-3 years.

The book is also included in our Training classes, for more info visit the academy tab select training classes to schedule and start a new career today!