Here at Micromi Brows, We offer cosmetic Teeth whitening services. This is done by a trained professional/dental assistant with experience. Cosmetic Teeth whitening lightens and helps remove stains from your natural teeth. This procedure is one of the most growing popular cosmetic procedures. Teeth whitening can significantly improve how bright your teeth look, This process can have your teeth anywhere from 3-15 shades brighter than your natural teeth color. To properly maintain a brighter smile teeth whitening is a continuous process, although you will see a significant difference first visit.


How does the process work?

This process is done by a professional teeth whitening machine. We apply a remineralization gel this is applied to the gum line to prevent tooth sensitivity to the gums and teeth.

Who can receive teeth whitening?

Anyone 18 older, as long as there are no open surfaces of teeth exposed such as cavities, root canal, and rotten teeth etc.

Can those persons with braces get teeth whitening?

Yes, but is not recommended because teeth will be a different shade since braces where in place. Once braces are taken off those areas wont be as bright.

Before coming in for a teeth whitening make sure teeth are brushes and free of any debris.

The whole Teeth whitening process takes anywhere from 30min to an hour.