Laser Liposuction treatments

Is a form of fat reduction which is done by using low level laser (radio frequency). Fat is broken down liquefied, and is passed out through the body in the form of urine and sweat. These laser liposuction treatments are non invasive, no pain, and no down time.

The treatments are done with a FDA approved professional machine to ensure best practices and quality. The device is applied directly to the skin using an ultrasonic gel.

Treatments as follows:

should be done within a 72 hour time from each treatment along with a minimum of 8 to 12 treatments, this may vary from person to person.

Laser lipo treatments also include skin tightening, Cavitation, and Radio frequency. These treatments are great for stomach, back, sides, thighs, chin, arms, and face. cellulite reduction, stretch marks and to tighten loose skin after treatments and overall.

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