Shaving may be a quick solution for removal of underarm hair, or even leg and bikini line if you haven’t got time for waxing, but facial hair is a different matter. Some people claim that facial shaving can be good for exfoliating the skin, leaving it soft & glowing, therefore antiageing. But I believe, the negative aspects by far outweigh the positive:

  • Stubble will appear after a couple of days, so you’ve got to shave regularly to avoid this.
  • Ingrown hairs – you may get ingrown hairs if you don’t shave carefully using a cream.
  • Razor burn – once again shave correctly with cream especially if you have sensitive skin, otherwise you may be prone to razor burn

Here are some positive aspects:

  • The hair doesn’t grow back for about two or more weeks, so you save on time & regular maintenance.
  • Waxing is more precise than other techniques. Bleaching may appear unnatural and patchy, while shaving doesn’t guarantee you an even cut throughout.
  • By damaging your hair follicles (not a negative thing in this case), over time you’ll experience reduced hair growth to the point where you have no, or very minimal hair growth on your face.
  • Facial waxing has a optimum price/quality/time rapport.