Domonique Appleby

Founder & CEO

Meet Domonique
I’m a certified in microblading artist/permanent makeup. Along with CPR/AED/FIRST AID and blood borne pathogens.
So rest assure clients are safe and guaranteed to be in a sterile environment.

Beauty comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes. The amazing thing about beauty is that we all possess it. It just takes the right person to bring it out of us to help us truly embrace and enhance it! Come meet Domonique Appleby! Founder and Owner of Micromibrows, Certified Microblade Technician and Licensed Tattoo and Body Artist. Not only has she completed all trainings/certifications to help her be one of the best in the business, she also has a solid understanding of healthcare and an undeniable ability to identify individual client needs.

With the rise of beauty products and techniques it’s so easy to get lost or mixed-up in when deciding what’s right for you. This is where Domonique will come in and help you look the best you can be! From microblading to laser liposuction, facials to massages, teeth whitening and more, MICROMIBROWS, is #1 in the beauty field. Continuous self-development is key when residing in an ever-changing world. She promotes a culture that is customer-focused, satisfaction-driven and founded on a deep love for the inner being. The goal is to win and feel beautiful doing so. There is no room for negativity here so come and join the movement! Contact us today!!!

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